A Danger of Confession

There is a definite place for confession in a Christian’s life.
We acknowledge that we agree with God about our sins.  We admit to God the areas in which we have erred.  We confess our self-reliance.
The problem is that we can cross a very significant line.  That line delineates the difference between confession as an acknowledgement of our sinning… and confession in order to receive forgiveness.
When we link confession with asking for forgiveness, we have crossed that line.
When we have an over-emphasis on confession and see it as being a daily component of our salvation, we are minimizing the work of Christ.
When we believe that we need further forgiveness and that God will not forgive our sins unless we confess them, then we are saying that the work of Christ is incomplete and lacking.
Confess?  Yes.  Cross that line?  No.