A Real Difference

We have all seen those television commercials in which they use an interesting visual effect; the whole background and environment are shades of gray, but one person has a splash of color.  That could also be a visualization of a spiritually alive person living in a spiritually dead world.

As we see our culture and society becoming increasingly ungodly, we are urged to not compromise.  We are encouraged that we are to not conform.  We may believe that we are to lovingly confront.  Some believe that we are to strongly confront.

“Not conforming” does not actually relate to compromising or confronting.  “Not conforming” means “not fitting in.”  It means not becoming the same as.  The real answer is not how we live but how we are.

It is not about what we “do”, but about what we “be”.  (I know, that’s poor English.)  It’s not about “doing”; it’s about “being”.

The old nature has to die.  We can change the outside with limited success, but God can create a new inside.  And when the inside root is transformed, the outside fruit is different.

It is not “me for Christ.”  It is “Christ in me.”