Being Perfect…

So, have you been perfect today?  Perfect in every action, every thought, every motive?  What about yesterday?  How about last week?  Jesus said that we are to be perfect just as our Father in heaven is perfect.  How are you doing?

Some people think that Jesus meant his statement to be God’s expectation for his children.  He outlined the specific lifestyle that God demands of us.  Thus, the guilt and sense of failure if we are honest.

Others say that Jesus was expressing the goal we are to shoot for.  We can’t make it, but we should strive for it.  We will at least get closer than we would if we weren’t aiming at it.  In this scenario, the guilt and sense of failure is somewhat lessened because we get closer than some others.  But Jesus did not say that we should just get closer than others.  He said, “Be perfect.”

So, what is the meaning?  Jesus was outlining the standard that we have to maintain if we want to be righteous in God’s eyes based on our own merit.  Just be perfect.  Every day.  Every time.  No exceptions.  One strike and we are out.

I can’t do that.  That’s why I need a Savior.  That’s why I need the righteousness of Christ to be given unto me.  That’s why I need to be justified by faith.