Too Much Grace?

The truth of pure and unfiltered grace would seem to be a wonderful message to all who hear it, but in reality some are uncomfortable with what they perceive as an over-emphasis upon grace.  They fear (perhaps unconsciously) that if it is all about what God does and nothing at all about what we do, then we have lost any degree of control over the whole situation.  That does not seem fair or logical.  God’s opinion of us should at least be affected to some degree by our goodness and efforts!

And the Grace Message certainly goes against the status quo and the sin management emphasis that has been taught to us for our entire Christian lives.  Plus, will not an acceptance of the Grace Message promote and even encourage sin?

These ideas explain why so many sincere Christians are uncomfortable and express warnings about too much emphasis upon grace.  But for those who begin to understand it, it is a message of freedom and joy.  And for those who rest in it, it is more than a message of change; it is a message of new life in Christ.  It is accepting that Jesus is Jesus and that I am in Him and He is in me.